Because of changes in my personal and professional situations, I no longer run Interix at all and no longer maintain pkgsrc for Interix systems. Because of this, and thanks to Microsoft's new automated hotfix request system, I don't keep up very much on Interix news anymore and plan to shut down this resource at the end of 2007.

However, I am willing to pass on the related data to another interested party who wishes to continue the cause and host this resource elsewhere. Again, because MS now provides hotfixes automatically, the download links may not be all that necessary anymore; however, it's possible that someone likes having the KB index available for easy access.

If you wish to contact me about taking over this site, please contact me at webmaster@duh.org.

Services for Unix (Interix) Hotfix/KB Article Index

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The downloads provided on this site are made available FOR CONVIENENCE ONLY. The webmaster of this site IS NOT employed by Microsoft or a subsidiary or affiliate thereof; and DOES NOT make any claims or guarantees that the files provided here are the same as any particular files provided by Microsoft, or that they will fix any specific problem or add any specific functionality for the user of these files.

As specified by Microsoft Support:

Hotfix Information

A Hotfix is a single package that includes one or more files that is used to address a very specific customer problem with a product. A supported Hotfix is now available from Microsoft, but it is only intended to correct the problem that is described in the previous mentioned article. Only apply it to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This Hotfix may receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next service pack that contains this Hotfix.

Warning: These Hotfixes have not gone through full Microsoft regression testing. Specifically, these Hotfixes have had targeted testing which does not include testing in combination with other Hotfixes. You are encouraged to only install the specific Hotfixes needed to address the problem you have. Please carefully review the associated KB article for each Hotfix you install to verify that this is the fix you need and that there are no known compatibility or installation issues. NOTE: If additional troubleshooting or issues arise, you may need to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question.


About this Site

The webmaster of this site may be contacted at interix@duh.org.

As of this writing, Microsoft has not asked me to change or remove this page, and it is my understanding that the hotfix EULA does not prevent redistribution. However, for your sake and mine, hotfix download links on this page are time sensitive, temporary URLs. This scheme ensures that you see this page (with its disclaimer above) first, before downloading.

I often do contract work to integrate Windows and Unix systems. One of the best tools for that task is Windows Services for Unix, a free add-on feature for Windows 2000 and later versions, providing a full Unix-like environment and Unix integration tools. Coupled with a multi-platform software packaging system such as pkgsrc, SfU can provide an environment quite familiar to Unix admins on the NT kernel.

Unfortunately, I run into a lot of problems with the off-the-shelf SfU add-on component for Windows 2000, XP, and 2003. It has some serious bugs in the current version (3.5) which must be fixed via Microsoft's Hotfixes in order to get a working Interix or NFS installation, particularly with Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP1. Hotfixes are normally only available via a support call to Microsoft's technical support department, a time-consuming and sometimes convoluted process. This site offers a subset of SfU 3.5 hotfixes for direct download instead.

You will not find hotfixes or Knowledge Base articles relating to Services for UNIX Applications ("SUA"), which is included as part of Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Vista. Those products have official brand support behind the UNIX subsystem components, and hotfixes for those products should be easier to obtain (and in many cases may be shipped to you automatically via Microsoft Update).

This Knowledge Base index is current (to my knowledge) as of May 18, 2007.


  • 23-Aug-2007: Added a couple and REMOVED 921599 (it does not work correctly on most systems). Updated recommended hotfix set lists.
  • 01-Aug-2007: Added 934322 (download available, but does not have debug symbols, so 929065 still available for debugging). Updated weblink for obtaining hotfixes; it's much easier now.
  • 18-May-2007: Added a couple new ones (no downloads yet); fixed new database syntax problem that caused the wrong file version numbers to show up in the list.
  • 19-Jan-2007: Added How-To KB articles; also added 913030 Rollup Pack (important!) and 929065.

How to call Microsoft to request a hotfix

If you wish to go through the official channel to obtain hotfixes for SfU, the best way to do so is via e-mail at this link. (This is a great improvement over the prior e-mail support method, which involved a credit card charge and refund cycle.)

You may choose telephone support, but that will involve waiting in queues and likely some delay in obtaining the hotfix needed. If you wish to go that route, the correct department is Developer Support at 1-800-936-5800, option 3, then 1 (correct as of 19-Jan-2007). If you are using Windows Server 2000 or 2003, make sure to have your Product ID handy; you may be asked to provide that. Hotfixes are free, but do require spending some time for Microsoft to set up a support case and resolve it (as hotfix requests are treated like any other support ticket).

For other contact options for Microsoft Support, see the Contact Microsoft Support page (requires JavaScript).

Recommended Hotfix Sets

I personally recommend installing the following hotfix sets, depending on the installed components of SfU 3.5. These represent the newest versions of the affected files in each hotfix, and should provide the most complete set of current fixes for the SfU platform. As always, your mileage may vary, so make sure to verify proper operation if you choose to install these hotfixes.

  • All SFU systems: Install the Hotfix Rollup Pack: 913030

    PLEASE NOTE! The Rollup Pack does not contain all the newest versions of some files, so you may end up reverting some later hotfixes by installing it. If you will be installing newer hotfixes that replace some files in this Hotfix Rollup Pack (e.g. 929065), install those other hotfixes (again, if necessary) after installing the Rollup Pack. You can see what hotfixes replace files in 913030 in the table below.

  • Interix:
    Install the Rollup Pack above (913030), THEN 886655, 887531, and 932143
    (For Win2003 SP1 and above: then add 934322)
    (For Win2003 SP2 and above: after 934322, then add 936529)

  • User Name Mapping (including most users of Interix), Windows 2000/XP: 883520-Win2000/XP
    User Name Mapping (including most users of Interix), Windows 2003: 883520-Win2003

  • Client/Gateway for NFS:
    894186 and 931930 (installed in that order!)

  • Server for NFS, Windows 2000/XP: 892561-Win2000/XP
    Server for NFS, Windows 2003: 924083-Win2003

  • Server for NFS Authentication (NIS server) and Password Synchronization:
    Install the Rollup Pack above (913030).

  • Windows Telnet Client:

Hotfix Articles

The "KB #" link will take you to the Microsoft Knowledge Base for that article. "Also Fixed By" lists the newest hotfix containing the same file. Hotfixes are incremental, so installing a newer version of the same files will still provide the earlier fix.

KB #Description FileVersionOSAlso Fixed ByDownload
836587 You may receive a "PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATION" stop error when you enable event logging in Server for NFS in Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 or 3.5 nfssvr.sys8.0.1969.4Win2000/XP892561
838250 The POSIX subsystem for Interix does not start successfully after Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is installed psxss.exe8.0.1969.2939778
841066 Windows processes cannot access a serial port after an Interix process uses the serial port psxss.exe8.0.1969.5939778
841121 You cannot start Interix or other processes at a command prompt if the environment block is larger than 16 kilobytes posix.exe8.0.1969.5939778
841898 You cannot create more processes when many Win32 processes are called from Interix psxss.exe8.0.1969.6939778
842428 A NIS client experiences slow performance when it runs the "ls -l" command if the local site does not have any domain controllers for child domains nissvc.exe8.0.1969.7919171
867876 Subordinate NIS servers do not receive the most up-to-date maps nissvc.exe8.0.1969.9919171
871000 A computer with Client for NFS becomes slow and unresponsive over time nfsgwrdr.sys8.0.1969.10894186
872961 Interix processes do not detect a modem's Carrier Detect signal in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.12939778
872962 You cannot kill an Interix process when it is blocked on I/O in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.11939778
883520 The User Name Mapping service on a Windows Server 2003-based computer with Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 installed crashes occasionally mapper.dll8.0.1969.14Win2000/XP Win2000/XP Win2003
884852 The Windows Services for UNIX Client for Network File System (NFS) stops responding when you use Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4 as the Client for NFS and Linux as the Server for NFS nfsgwrdr.sys8.0.1969.15894186
885930 Network File System (NFS) client users that do not have the "List Folder / Read Data" permission can still see the file list from an NFS share nfssvr.sys8.0.1969.15Win2000/XP892561
885937 You may experience a performance degradation issue when you try to compile and to run a C++ program in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 psxdll.dll8.0.1969.19939778
886655 You receive a "matching COMDAT symbol name not found" error message when you are running Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 ld20040924 Windows (All)
887531 The "-t" option of the "ps" command does not accept some valid TTY values in Windows Services for UNIX ps8.0.1969.18 Windows (All)
888993 The ypcat command lists the full name instead of the user logon name in Windows Services for UNIX nisprop.dll8.0.1969.21 Windows (All)
889087 The select( ) function and the write( ) function do not handle the non-blocking serial I/O correctly posix.exe8.0.1969.20939778
890745 You cannot change the ownership of files that are owned by other users when you log on as the root user in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nfssvr.sys8.0.2254.7Win2003939767
891078 You receive an error message, or other unexpected behavior when you access an NFS share after you apply hotfix 885930 nfssvr.sys8.0.1969.26Win2000/XP892561
891503 You may receive a "Permission Denied" error message when you try to use the ls or cd command from a Terminal Services session posix.exe8.0.1969.28939778
892093 Files appear as directories on a Linux server that is running Samba when you use the ls -l command in a Korn shell in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.27939778
892525 An account on a UNIX server expires after you use the shadow password option to synchronize a password between a UNIX server (HP-UX 11i) and a computer that is running Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 or 3.5 ssod.h1120050422 Windows (All)
892561 The computer may stop responding when Server for Network File System (NFS) is serving multiple requests at the same time in Windows Services for UNIX 2.3 and later versions nfssvr.sys8.0.1969.26Win2000/XP Win2000/XP
894186 Windows XP stops responding when more than one process accesses a file on a NFS shared linked folder from Client for NFS nfsgwrdr.sys8.0.1969.27 Windows (All)
894537 Windows-based applications may not be notified of file changes when the changes are made by using Server for NFS in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nfssvr.sys8.0.2254.14Win2003939767
896428 MS05-033: Vulnerability in Telnet client could allow information disclosure telnetc.exe8.0.1969.33 Windows (All)
896685 The Cpio utility may drop the last character on symbolic links when you create or display symbolic links in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 psxdll.dll8.0.1969.29939778
899028 Error message when you try to build a program that uses the fork() function on a Windows Services for UNIX 3.5-based computer: "ENOMEM" posix.exe8.0.1969.31939778
899522 The POSIX subsystem process, Korn shell scripts, and Interix applications may crash after you install Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 on a computer that is running Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.32939778
902074 The computer may slow down and the application may stop responding when you run a pthread-based application that uses the va_list variable on Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 libc.a20050613913030
902458 The locale is set back to the default computer locale when a service application impersonates another user by calling the LogonUser API in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nfsnp.dll8.0.1969.34 Windows (All)
904358 The Cmd.exe command does not run from a telnet session, and you are prompted for the next command in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.36939778
904781 The logon prompt and the data that you type in response to any shell script does not echo when you run Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 on a Windows Server 2003-based computer posix.exe8.0.1969.35939778
904838 You receive a "Stop: 0x0000008E" error message when you back up or copy files from a computer that is running Windows Server 2003 SP1 to a network drive by using Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nfsrdr.sys8.0.1969.37931930
913030 A Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 hotfix rollup package is available that contains stability and reliability updates at8.0.1969.38 Windows (All)
914680 All Interix applications stop responding on a computer that is running Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.39939778
917796 Error message when you try to connect to an SMB server from an NFS client computer: "Error 67: The network name cannot be found" nfsrdr.sys8.0.1969.41931930
917960 The Korn shell (ksh) or the tcsh shell may unexpectedly exit when you run a script in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 on a computer that uses symmetric multiprocessing posix.exe8.0.1969.40939778
919171 Event ID 8198 and event ID 8210 may be logged in the Application log when you run the NIS on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nissvc.exe8.0.1969.44
921207 The PSXRUN process may not stop when you try to stop a POSIX-based application that is running as a Windows service in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.45939778
921604 WMI corrupts the pool from which the CommandLine buffer is allocated in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 posix.exe8.0.1969.47939778
924080 You cannot edit or create files on a remote NFS share on a computer that is running Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 nfsrdr.sys8.0.1969.48931930
924083 You receive stop error 0x7E on a Windows Server 2003 computer that is running the Server for NFS service and that has McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i installed nfssvc.exe8.0.2254.17Win2003939767 Win2003
929065 Error message when Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 calls the Interix "select" function: "Bad address" posix.exe8.0.1969.50939778 Windows (All)
931930 A file still exists if you try to use Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 at a NFS client to delete a file on an AIX-based NFS server nfsrdr.sys8.0.1969.51 Windows (All)
932143 A hotfix is available for Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications that addresses the change to daylight saving time in 2007 posix.exe8.0.1969.51939778 Windows (All)
934004 Some Japanese characters are not written to the Stdout file when you run shell scripts that process MBCS Japanese characters by using a Korn shell in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 ksh20070417
934322 On a computer that has Windows Services for UNIX installed, the console application that is running the first shell script stops responding if the shell script starts another shell script in a child process posix.exe8.0.1969.53Win2003 Win2003-SP1+
936529 Some Interix-related functions do not work, and you cannot open a command shell after you upgrade computers to Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 2 pswdsync.dll8.0.1969.54Win2003 Win2003-SP2+
939767 Error message when an NFS client accesses a file on an NFS share in Windows Storage Server 2003 or in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5: "Stop 0x0000007E (SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED)" nfssvc.exe8.0.2254.19Win2003
939778 MS07-053: Vulnerability in Windows Services for UNIX could allow elevation of privilege posix.exe8.0.1969.58

Troubleshooting Articles

These Knowledge Base articles provide only information about Services for Unix 3.5, which may include available registry key settings and problem workarounds.

KB #Description
269736 User name mapping performs one-to-many mappings in a single direction only
308259 POSIX and OS/2 are not supported in Windows XP or in Windows Server 2003
313621 Third-party port mapper services cause Services for UNIX not to work or to be installed correctly
321049 ACE Inheritance in Windows Services for UNIX
322864 Deleted files are not immediately removed and cannot be overwritten
324055 How to install Client for NFS on Windows for a UNIX-to-Windows migration
328860 Description about why the Interix process IDs are different from the Windows process IDs in Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 and for UNIX 3.5
330598 Services for UNIX 3.0 Client for NFS Does Not Automount
830598 An NFS Client Cannot Mount a Share After You Upgrade a Basic Disk to a Dynamic Disk
831908 Performance is slow if you use Client for NFS and UDP
891754 Information about rolling upgrade support with NFS components on Windows 2000-based clusters and on Windows Server 2003-based clusters
891755 Some math functions return results that are not correct when you compile them by using the gcc compiler tool in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891756 You may receive an "Error! 26000" error message when you run the Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 Setup program
891758 You receive a "Installation of Command Administration UI failed" error message when you try to install Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2
891759 Network ports and protocols that are used by services in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891760 A description of the ports that you must open in Windows XP Service Pack 2 to enable access to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891762 How to change the domain of a migrated user or group in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891763 You receive a "mail.local: may only be run by the Administrator" delivery status report when you use the "mailx" command to send a message to a local user in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891764 Network Information Services password database appears to be corrupted after you configure password synchronization in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891765 How to configure Network Information Services (NIS) objects in the Active Directory directory service so that a delegated user can modify them
891766 How to remove a non-standard NIS map from the Server For NIS component of Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891767 How to remove a Network Information Services (NIS) domain after you migrate it to Active Directory by using Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
891768 How to use a script to install the Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 password synchronization component on a domain controller
891769 "Common UI elements not found" error message when you try to install Windows Services for UNIX on a computer that is running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1
891777 You receive an error message when you try to upgrade Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
894071 You experience a delay before the list of new files is returned when you run the DIR command or the LS command after you upgrade to Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 or to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
897089 Windows Explorer stops responding or you receive an "An unexpected network error occurred" error message when you use the Client for NFS service to connect to a NFS volume in Windows Services for UNIX 3.5
899157 New naming schema for Windows Services for UNIX software update packages
908265 You may receive a "STOP 0x0000000A" error message on a Windows 2000-based computer that is running Windows Services for UNIX
911608 Multiple files are created when you copy a file that has NTFS alternate data streams to a NFS shared folder
919139 Random folders may not appear when you use Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 to connect to a Network File System (NFS) 2.0 exported volume
919405 The restore operation may fail when you use Automated System Recovery on a Windows Server 2003-based computer
920751 You receive a "Cannot install on a 64 bit machine" error message when you try to install Windows Services for UNIX on a computer that is running a 64-bit operating system
920752 When an NFS client creates files by using a Windows Services for UNIX server for NFS, Windows users cannot access the files
920753 The User Name Mapping service in Windows Services for UNIX cannot map the "LOCAL SYSTEM" account to UNIX user accounts
921913 The UNIX Attributes tab does not appear in the Active Directory Users and Computers MMC snap-in when Server for NIS is installed in the domain
923358 When you use Automated System Recovery on a Windows Server 2003-based computer, the restore operation may fail
923787 You receive an error message when you try to upgrade Windows Services for UNIX 3.0 to Windows Services for UNIX 3.5: "Error when upgrading NIS Schema"
926095 Error message when you try to mount an NFS export on a Windows Server 2003 R2-based NFS client computer from a Tru64 UNIX-based NFS server: "Network Path Not Found"
932244 You may experience compatibility issues when you try to use Windows Services for UNIX 3.5 on a Windows Vista-based computer